Our Story

The History

The Story of Hammersmith Works and how it shaped the business founded by Chris Turner

As far back as the early 1600s the Turners were providing iron works to the community in and around Dublin. The first recorded client work was in the 1670s and his children and grandchildren carried on the business delivering client works into the 1700s.

Chris’ Great great great Grandfather Richard Turner took over the business at Hammersmith Dublin in the early 1800s and projected the company forwards with his deep understanding of metal work and iron in particular. And this continued as a family run business until the end of the 19th century.

As recent authors have attested, Turner was undoubtedly a good salesman and proud of his

knowledge and skill in handling the materials of which he was a Craftsman. It seems that he was unafraid to put his opinions across to clients, fight for designs that he knew to be good and innovate solutions. Most of all he cared about delivering service to his clients and the legacy that it would represent.

How this shaped Hammersmith Works today

It is on this old fashioned concept that we have created a very modern company. Assembling the expertise of access specialists, master craftsmen and dedicated staff, we have created a team to deliver complex projects and maintenance works for our clients.

We have taken the model of really understanding our clients’ needs and developing services that fit their exact requirements. The company is focused on ensuring that our team is fundamentally safe, but happy in the workplace, confident in the knowledge that their work is valued and represents the understanding of the privilege they have to work on some of the most iconic sites in the capital.